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  • El Calvario. A 30-minute walk that ascends the Calvario hill and you can have a unique panorama of the lake and Copacabana. It is a privileged location to watch the sunset.
  • Isla del Sol (Sun Island). According to Inca legend, this small island located in the middle of Lake Titicaca was the home of Inti, the sun god, and the place where the Incas arose. The island can be accessed by boat from Copacabana, a journey that takes two hours. It is a truly picturesque place, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the lake and the Cordillera Real of Bolivia. You can also take walks through the ancestral terraces and pre-Columbian ruins.
  • Isla de la Luna (Moon Island). Legend has it that Viracocha, the creator god of all things, was born here. It is a small island close to the Isla del Sol, and in it are the ruins of the Temple of the Virgins. Touring the entire island takes around an hour.
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana. This 16th-century colonial church preserves the image of the Virgin of Copacabana.
  • Restaurants. There are good and varied options for eating and drinking in Copacabana, with restaurants, cafes and bars constantly open. Without a doubt, the gastronomic specialty of the place is fresh trout, which can be enjoyed in one of the restaurants on the coast.
  • Accommodation. There are a large number of accommodation options. Staying one night to watch the sunrise is highly recommended.

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